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The Cloud Control Panel can be used to create cloud instances. The control panel is accessible through the Client Area or directly at

A screenshot of how to launch an instance may be found at the top of our home page. Instructions are also available below.

1. Access GB Cloud Control Panel.

2. Click the Instances tab. Then, click the "+" button at the bottom right. 

3. Enter the Instance name and select the Instance category and size flavor. 

4. After that, click "CHANGE" to select an operating system. 

5. On this part user need to select the operating system. Then click "SELECT" to continue. 

6. After choosing the operation system in Instance. Network Section will appear if the user creates a private network. If not, the option
will be hidden and a public IP will be assigned by default. As desired, select SSH key(s) and/or enter a root password. Then click "Create" to launch a new VPS. 

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